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Amazing Lotus Candles


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A Lotus Candle Flame is a sort of mechanical candle that sings, turns and furthermore spits a pinnacle of fire, as well. (Indeed, truly.)

When you light the center, an inches-long sparkler fire emits out of the middle, and the plastic bloom opens to uncover in excess of 10 candles joined to blossom petals, which then, at that point, turn.


Are these candles reusable? No

Can they be topped off? No, they are one time use.

Do you have any candles that don’t play music/play another tune? No, every one of our candles play the Happy Birthday tune.


There are multiple colors.

1. Use lighters to light up the middle of the candle.

2.Once there are fire, light up the small canle on the flower.

3.Cut the copper wire, the music would be stopped.



Condition: 100% brand new

Type: Musical Candle

Material: Paraffin + ABS

shape: Lotus

Color: Yellow, Rose Red, Purple, Blue, Red

candle Quantity: 8 pcs

size: 11 * 6 cm


Package Content:




Lotus Candles

Lotus Candles

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 300 × 250 × 100 cm

3SET3, 3SET12, 2SET13, Yellow, 3SET10, Pink3PCS, Red3PCS, 3SET5, 2SET10, 3SET6, 3SET1, 3SET9, Blue, 2SET11, 2SET5, Pink, 2SET6, Colorful2PCS, 3SET4, Red2PCS, 2SET9, 3SET7, 3SET2, 3SET11, Blue 2PCS, 3SET8, Red, 3SET13, Purple2PCS, 2SET4, Blue3PCS, Purple, 2SET7, Colorful, 2SET3, Yellow2PCS, Purple3PCS, Yellow3PCS, 2SET12, 2SET14, 2SET1, 2SET8, Pink2PCS, 2SET2, Colorful3PCS


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